About Chıldınü Oxford

Welcome to Chıldınü Oxford!

Our approach is an Integrated Service Delivery Model where families will have access to a strength-based service that benefits their children through a family centered practice. Chıldınü Oxford provides support to families with children with diverse needs, up to age twelve; throughout Oxford County’s Licensed Early Learning Programs (Licensed Child Care Centres; Licensed Home Child Care Program; Licensed Nursery Schools/Preschools; Licensed School Age Programs; Licensed School Age Camps; as well as, authorized Recreation Programs and EarlyON Child and Family Centres).

Chıldınü Oxford will continue to embrace an “Equity Lens,” that is reflective of the diverse needs of children and families (i.e. differences in age, language, culture, race, gender and sexuality, socioeconomic status and poverty). Consistent with “How Does Learning Happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years”, Chıldınü Oxford views children as citizens of today with rights and responsibilities, as curious and competent, as being capable of complex thinking, and as co-creators of culture and knowledge.

It is our hope to expand on opportunities to increase knowledge, as it applies to evidenced-based research and best practices, to strengthen children’s potential throughout Oxford County (i.e. communication, physical, developmental, social, behavioural, transitions or a change in their life). We continue to build upon community expertise and professional learning to strengthen an “Open Door – Everyone is Welcome” perspective that includes the views of children, families and professionals.