Calming Corner

The children in the preschool room have been working on building self-regulation and have created a calming corner. 

YMCA Woodstock-Preschool Room

Aimee, Jasmeen, Ripley  

Engagement (The Why)
This zone allows the children an opportunity to express their emotions and build on their self-regulation. Allowing them to know their feelings are okay and giving them a safe space to share them. 

Representation (The What)
Brakes allow children to refocus and recognize their own self-regulation needs.  

Expression (The How)

Through modeling, educators would show the children how they could lie in the calming zone when upset. Exaggerating their emotions and words to catch the children’s attention to see how the zone is used. As children began using this space they began to share with educators the emotions they were feeling and share with their peers” I feel__  ” statements when other children have upset them or frustrated them. 

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