Calming Strategy – Head Phones

Please share a picture of your UDL strategy in action, as well as a brief description of the specific strategy being represented. For Group Submissions or Third-Party Submissions, please list all members of the group, or those you are nominating

I am nominating Meghan Phillips at the Northdale Kindergarten Program.
Meghan provides the children with visuals to support calming strategies and headphones to allow the children to take space when needing a calm quiet space. 

Engagement (The Why)
Providing options for self-regulation that are available to all and can be utilized without having to ask.  Allowing the children to take breaks during listening periods has supported the group to recognize their self-regulation needs. 

Representation (The What)
Including the visuals has supported reducing barriers for the children and encouraged language development.

Expression (The How)

When the room becomes loud children are quick to find the headphones and then go about their activity. Educators encourage children to use other strategies when they see signs of dysregulation. Educators take part in the strategies themselves.

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