Cuddly corner

Please share a picture of your UDL strategy in action, as well as a brief description of the specific strategy being represented. For Group Submissions or Third-Party Submissions, please list all members of the group, or those you are nominating

My UDL photo is a photo of our cuddly area. In this area we have a box set aside with a comfy pillow. In this we added in laminated photo cards with our emotions and what they look like. We also added in a photo of how to calm our bodies.

Engagement (The Why)

This allows the children to develop self regulation skills on their own. If they notice they are getting frustrated they can say I need to go sit in the cuddly area. The children are engaged with the photos and will say “I’m feeling angry” and “I need to take some belly breaths.

Representation (The What)

A calm quiet place for the children to focus on developing social emotional skills. If they are feeling frustrated, the can walk away and look at the cards and recognize how they are feeling.

Expression (The How)

This UDL in our classroom helps the children recognize how they feel. When the children move into preschool some of them are just learning how to speak and don’t always have the words they need. This area gives the children visuals and allows them to start matching pictures with how they feel and eventually they will be able to say “I’m feeling angry” or “I am feeling angry and need to squeeze a ball”

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