Message Board

Please share a picture of your UDL strategy in action, as well as a brief description of the specific strategy being represented. For Group Submissions or Third-Party Submissions, please list all members of the group, or those you are nominating
Members of the group: Krista, Abi, Marisa, Tasha, Jaclyn, Andrea, Laura

Engagement (The Why)
At message board time, the visual prompts are important to help support the children engagement at this time. It is important that all the children see what is happening.
The prompts allow for all children to have the tools to answer when asked who are your teachers today? Or what are we having for lunch? 

Representation (The What)

On our board, children are able to see what educators are here, what we are having for lunch, if we are going outside and any important messages we have for the day.

Expression (The How)

There are pictures of the educators, pictures are the different meals we have for lunch, pictures of the playgrounds with a red or green check mark, pictures of different clouds with different weather 

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  • Good Beginnings Parkside
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