Reminders can be helpful

Our classroom is filled with reminders to help those that need them.  

Daily picture schedule are a great visual for new children and reminders for ones that come regularly. 

Some friends will take ALL the toys, the 2 hands 2 toys picture is a good visual for that child that takes the whole bucket and won’t share. 

How we sit when we are ready is used to remind little ones how we sit when we are ready to go outside.

Our Running Area is a needed space for our friends that need to get out their energy. The picture of what we can’t do is still posted as the area is now used for a balance beam and we are not running. The We Can’t hit, pull hair, push and take in toys is still applicable. The poster for what we can do, like run, summersaults, jump was taken down as it was no longer things we could do in this area. 

Engagement (The Why)

Some friends need a little reminder.

Representation (The What)

These pictures around our room can sometimes be enough and sometimes we need to take the children to the picture and talk about it.

Expression (The How)

We came up with these pictures as we found a need for them. Some pictures are up all the time and some are only up for a while and we take them down.

  • Sherri & Jaiden
  • Tamburri & Rogers
  • Preschool

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