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A sensory bin was created for students when they are struggling with:


big emotions like sadness, anger, & anxiety

Problem solving

Pop it’s and fidgets allow students to keep their hands to themselves while waiting for  and during transitions.

stretchy toys, stress balls, pop its  allow students to walk and pull at parts to help them think through problems like what to do, or how to fix a project they are working on,  as well as a way to let out anxiety

Chain fidgets, and squishy toys aid in concentration when engaged in reading.

A smaller sensory box was created from the larger class box for a designated student. This  personalized box is designed to help with the transition from class to after school program. Items in the box are meant to keep the attention of the student and build off of other toys (both indoors and outdoors) in order to keep the individual close to the group, as well as other member of after school program. This allows for small games of catch, or a group popping bubbles.

The individual box is delivered to the classroom by members of before school program, and is ready for the individual at the beginning of their day.

Items from smaller box can be swapped out for items from the larger box, or personal items from home (items are labeled if personal). Students ask the individual to use items from the smaller box, encouraging communication between individuals that may not communicate otherwise.



Engagement (The Why)

Representation (The What)

Expression (The How)

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