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Information for Families

Families will be respected as experts on their children, and be included in planning desired outcomes for their child.

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All information obtained from the family/guardian will only be used within the context authorized by the family/guardian giving the information.

(Note: In the event that there is a court order, the status of authorization of sharing information changes, and the Chıldınü Oxford team is required to share information to the court without parent/guardian consent. They are also legally bound to report suspected child mistreatment to the Children’s Aid Society without parent/guardian consent.)

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Referral Process

It is our hope that together, we continue to integrate services by strengthening the diversity of our community and by enhancing the quality of life for everyone. We ourselves are life-long learners, and are dedicated to meeting the diverse needs of families.

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Access to Information

All family/child specific information obtained during provision of service shall be treated as confidential.

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Transition to School

Chıldınü Oxford will collaborate and co-plan with the family to identify each child’s diverse needs for school entry.

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