Privacy of Child(ren)’s Personal Information

All information obtained from the family/guardian will only be used within the context authorized by the family/guardian giving the information.

Annually, families/guardians will complete an “Authorization for Sharing of Information” form outlining who they feel comfortable sharing information with. This consent will remain in effect for a maximum of up to one year or until it is revoked by the family/guardian, whichever occurs first.

All family/child specific information obtained during provision of service shall be treated as confidential.

In a case where the family has a signed custody agreement, a copy will need to be on file and information shared with the family will be based on the information outlined in the agreement. Chıldınü Oxford staff adheres to Good Beginnings’ confidentiality policy.

(Note: In the event that there is a court order, the status of authorization of sharing information changes, and the Chıldınü Oxford team is required to share information to the court without parent/guardian consent. They are also legally bound to report suspected child mistreatment to the Children’s Aid Society without parent/guardian consent.)