Social Stories

Please share a picture of your UDL strategy in action, as well as a brief description of the specific strategy being represented. For Group Submissions or Third-Party Submissions, please list all members of the group, or those you are nominating

I nominate Amela and Angela from St. Michael’s Before/After- School program. 

Engagement (The Why)
Social Stories provide children with the opportunity to explain social situations and what the expected behaviours are. 

Representation (The What)
This UDL is a story to support children who have challenges in understanding that they cannot always be first and then how to manage this frustration. 

Expression (The How)
This Social Story was read to the children as a group so that everyone would understand the importance of not always being first. When needed, the story is available to the children to read again individually and when the situation arises i.e. during transitions, the children are shown the story and immediately remember this classroom expectation. 

  • Nicole
  • Farnham
  • Childinu Oxford
  • Kindergarten

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