Wee Creations UDL

Joanne Dreise, Dianna Kuipers, Jennifer Riley, Melanie Huinink

Engagement (The Why)
We love how our reading centre & learning time/circle time has all kinds of resources  for all children to experience learning how they need while doing group time. This area is also great for a quiet time away from friends when it too much and they can find something soothing to quiet the soul. 

Representation (The What)
We have squares for those that need a defined space, there is a rocking chair, some like to share a spot with a friend by sitting on the round stools, others like to sit on a large pillow or lay down on the couch. Under the book shelf there are bins of sensory items that any child can have in their hands to help keep their minds listening and their hands busy.  Or they can grab a weighted lizard or a soft stuffy. 

Expression (The How)

When children are invited to join and see what their teacher has for story or singing or a new activity they pick how they want to sit to learn. Sometimes they take a their doll with them to sit beside them or a stuffed animal from in the bin or the weighted lizard to keep themselves feeling content while learning something new or if the song is too loud or they can’t sit for as long as another child then they can keep busy without distracting the child beside them. 

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