Wee Creations UDL

Joanne Dreise, Dianna Kuipers, Jennifer Riley, Melanie Huinink

Engagement (The Why)
We love creating independence and advocating for their needs. This allows the child or a few children who are taught the skills to use the tools that they need. Because a few are possessive of their things this gives them the sense of control that it is for them and for 2-3 other friends. There are a few items in there that the older child knows is for chewing cause a certain one puts everything in their mouth. The older child will go into the drawer and find the chew toy and hand it to the child that uses it.

Representation (The What)
The drawer is at a height that they can reach yet not every child has access to it for playing purposes. There are chew items, squishy items, stretching items, noise cancelling phones(up top) etc in the drawer to assist when they feel frustrated and need an ‘out’ rather then taking it out on a person. 

Expression (The How)

The children who have resources within the drawer know what is in there and have been taught what they are for, and when. For example, the stretchy band is to stretch and take deep breaths. The squishy ones are to put our anger into. Because they can access it & are learning to navigate by themselves, there have been moments that they will share it with someone that they see is having a “grumpy’ moment, grabs the item and tells them how to use it. 

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