Wee Creations UDL

Joanne Dreise, Dianna Kuipers, Jennifer Riley, Melanie Huinink

Engagement (The Why)

We have a tuff tray in our program. We are finding that it gives all the children an equal level to enjoy sensory and lots of children at one time. As well as at a level that they can reach everything,  the items stay mostly in the tray with the little lip. Many little ones can’t reach the items in our large water/sensory table. 

Representation (The What)
This picture shows the kids making hot chocolate. They are using their 5 senses within this activity. Plenty of room for conversations, turn taking, & sensory experience for a kids that need high sensory experiences to learn. A few have discovered the coffee beans smell amazing but don’t taste well.  All learning by trial and error. 

Expression (The How)

We choose a theme and find many items that the children can manipulate with. Adding spoons, or measuring cups/spoons, things that smell or different textures.  We set it up and then open it up after learning time. This gives us the opportunity to explain what is in it as well as how we can learn from it.  It has been the most preferred centre in our program!

 This tray is velcroed to a round table to give a stable place for it. Can be used on the floor as well. 

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