Wee Creations UDL

Joanne Dreise, Dianna Kuipers, Jennifer Riley, Melanie Huinink

Engagement (The Why)
We use to have the routine of the day on a small strip with velcro within access to the kids. However some kids loved to just pull it apart. This did not help those who really needed it and then pieces would go missing. So we found a solution that works so far for our children who are having an anxious day and need to know what to expect next or where we are in the day.
It is not accessible to the kids to touch but it is large enough that they can see it or we pick them up and we can do it together. Give a sense of security when we hold them and go through it as well. 

Representation (The What)
We had the cards made into 5×5 sizes, nice to see it on large print. We used velcro to attach it to the wall. Found an antique frame and spray painted it to look nice and then place the part we are at in the day inside of the frame. 

Expression (The How)

When there is a child having a anxious moment in the day we bring them to the area and have a discussion about what we have done already and point to the pictures, then we place the card of where we are at in the day , so it leaves an empty spot in the order. Then we can talk about what come after that we have to do yet in the day.  

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